We were established in 1999 with the sole purpose of making and producing the best quality letterman jackets in Australia. In partnership with one of the countries leading tailors we put together a range of pure Australian Wool and Milano Leather to produce high quality jackets, made locally, to order. We invested in Australia's first Chenille embroidery machine and have mastered both normal and chenille embroidery producing large jacket backs for some of Australia's biggest identities and brands.

With limitations on colours and cost restrictions we looked at sourcing jackets overseas to be able to properly service the growing school demand for a jacket.

Our main factors in our search were:

Quality of the jacket materials - it had to be a high quality wool and leather as we didn't want to source a cheap jacket with poor quality materials. We were very wary of low grade scratchy, wool and poor quality leather from a lot of jackets we saw that may be sprayed, instead of dyed, as we wanted to make a jacket to last forever for its owner, not just look good out of the packet.

We needed someone who could provide us with a range of colours - With so few colours available here we were looking forward to a greater range of colours in all our material options to cover the different schools. They needed to be able to provide us with a stable range of colours so that they wouldn't change each season and while we were offered many opportunities to deal with companies who promised us this, I had quite a few doubts that this would be the case.

They needed to be able to produce quality chenille - I have seen some amazing chenille work, and a lot of really poor work. The chenille needed to be done on firm athletic felt, not a soft felt, to hold its shape, and we needed someone who had also invested in the latest technology to produce high quality work like us.

Our last demand was to able to service our school student needs - We would love to be able to purchase a jacket that matched all of the above, but also understand that students are all individuals and we needed the flexibility to design any type of jacket, to suit any budget and any design.

It took some time......but we are glad we got there.

We can now offer you jackets that tick all our boxes.

"You only finish school once and when you make a once in a life time purchase, make sure you get the very best, the first time."